The NSDTR Club of Canada’s Breeder Directory is paid advertising.

The NSDTR Club of Canada recognizes those listed as members in good standing but neither endorses nor guarantees their services. We also acknowledge that there are additional Toller breeders who are members of the Club but who have chosen not to advertise on this list. When researching breeders – on or off this list – please ask if the breeder is a current member of the NSDTR Club of Canada and if they adhere to the Club’s Code of Ethics.  

Advertising is to be arranged through:

Colin Davies
Membership and Breeder Directory Coordinator

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The CKC Standard

The Canadian Kennel Club Breed StandardAs published in the Canadian Kennel Club Official Section, December 1997.

Club Information

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada is the official voice of Tollers in Canada. Established in 1974, the club was formed to promote and educate about the breed.

Buying a Toller Puppy

Considering adding a Toller to the family?We're not surprised – Tollers are incredible dogs! But before making an appointment with a breeder, you should consider a few things.
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada (NSDTRCC)
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