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  So. You're thinking about adding a Toller to your home.
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Have you done your research?
The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada recommends that you not only read some background materials, such as in the Books written about the breed, but you should also check out some websites produced by other Toller clubs that can be found on our Links page.
A good place to start is the following
NSDTR of Canada Club and Breed Information Brochure (PDF).

Complete a Puppy Questionnaire
The Canadian Kennel Club has a puppy questionnaire on their website that may help you decide if a Toller is right for your lifestyle.

Look at other websites - Other Toller clubs also have have information about the breed and some include links to owners websites. Some sites also have helpful links and FAQs. Check the Books and Links page for some places to start looking.



Toller puppies are adorable, but they are also active and energetic. Please do your research.

  Join the on-line Toller Community
If you want to chat with Toller owners and other potential owners, you may want to join the on-line Toller community Toller-L.
Join the list at

There's more to getting a puppy than simply calling up a breeder and ordering a pup. When you do start to call most breeders, they'll have a list of questions to ask you and they may request a referral or reference, so be prepared to answer some questions about your lifestyle and family when you do start phoning.

Questions to ask a Breeder
Since you expect to be asked questions by breeders you contact, we also recommend that you prepare a list of questions to ask breeders in return. Janice Madjanovich DVM, a Toller owner, wrote this information letter as a primer for anyone planning to contact breeders (courtesy of Ms. Madjanovich and the Ontario Toller Club). And, to help you get started, we've prepared this sample list of questions for you to use as a guide.

Breeders Directory
The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada publishes a list of breeders as paid advertising in their quarterly newsletter, Toller Talk. The Breeders Directory included here is available as an on-line page or as a printable pdf file. It may change from time to time and is not a listing of all breeders - only those who wish to advertise in the newsletter.

If you still have questions about Toller breeders, contact the Club Secretary for more information.

February 18, 2017