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  Tollers in Action: Agility

There are many organizations that offer agility titles for dogs. Even so, many people train their dogs in agility just for the enjoyment of developing teamwork with their dogs and the sheer fun of agility.

Some obstacles your dog learns to navigate include the A-Frame, Teeter-totter, Open Tunnel, Collapsed Tunnel, Tire, Weave Poles, Pause Table, Crossover, Dog Walk and various types of Jumps. Obstacles like the A-Frame and Teeter-totter have "contact zones" at the beginning and the end where the dog is required to touch at least one paw (on the up, down or both depending on the organization) while on that obstacle.





In competition the dog does not usually wear a collar and the owner is not allowed to touch the dog or use food or toys as motivators, but the handler can talk or coax the dog through the course. The dog is not allowed to pass an obstacle he is supposed to go on and he is not allowed to go on any obstacle out of sequence, or he will lose points or be given a non-disqualifying score.

If you are wondering if agility is for you, check out local clubs. Usually they will allow you to sit in on a training session, or will give you dates of an upcoming local trial, so you can watch and decide if this is a sport for you and your dog. You can teach your dog agility if you take the time to train slowly and keep it fun for the dog. Remember, if introduced correctly, it can be your dog's version of an amusement park!


For more information on agility registries and their rules, check out some of their websites*:

Agility Association of Canada
North America Dog Agility Council
United States Dog Agility Association

Canadian Kennel Club
American Kennel Club
United Kennel Club

(*NSDTRC of C is not responsible for, nor endorses, information on other websites)

February 18, 2017