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  About the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

There's lots to learn about any breed, and the Toller is no different. The information on this website is designed to provide an overview of this lively and energetic breed.

Contents of this section:

Canadian Kennel Club Breed Standard - this is the approved standard against which individual dogs are judged in the CKC breed ring. It is more than merely a guide, but is regarded as the blueprint by which breeders will guide the development of the breed.

Every breed has health issues. The NSDTR Club of Canada believes that health education is important for more than just the future survival of the breed - it's also important in helping puppy buyers with their choices.



Buying a Toller puppy
We've provided a number of information pages, including a Breeders Directory that is published in the club's quarterly newsletter: Toller Talk.

Tollers in Action
Our dogs participate in a number of competitive and noncompetitive activities. We've included some of the things Tollers do, from the breed ring to the agility field. Soon, there will also be information and stories about dogs that do community service. Check back for those stories.

February 18, 2017