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Snapshot 2008

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


Sorry, this book is no longer available in book format.



Snapshot 2008 will be a keepsake book of Tollers currently in the Toller world as well as dogs who have made significant contributions to the
breed’s reputation.
Snapshot 2008

This book is inspired by the successful Swedish publication 'Rasbok' — a project initiated several years ago — which was presented to the Club annual meeting in 2005. This first Canadian edition includes the current CKC breed standard, current Dobirstein Award recipients and other interesting articles and letters. As an added bonus, each book will also include a full colour version on CD-R.

Since we know that many quality Tollers are not in current breeding programs, there were no restrictions on the dogs listed. This means that in addition to dogs currently being bred, retired breeding or non-breeding Tollers are also included welcome. Their inclusion allow readers to see siblings and progeny of other featured dogs — such as the non-breeding example shown in the sample page below.

We believe the Toller community will find this publication is a valuable resource and will support new editions every three to four years, providing a ‘Snapshot’ of the current Toller world in each edition. It will be an ongoing reference guide for breeders, puppy buyers and breed historians for years to come.

Dog Listings

Each dog is featured on its own page with:

  • Full name including titles,
  • Call name,
  • Two photos (profile and front),
  • Health clearances and other statistics,
  • Notable accomplishments, and
  • A five generation pedigree.

VIEW A SAMPLE DOG LISTING PAGE by clicking here or on the image at right


Sample Listing Page:

[NOTE: Version on CD-R will be in full colour]

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Debbie Unger



March 7, 2013