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  Dobirstein Award

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Established in 1992, the Dobirstein Award is the result of a donation made to the NSDTR Club of Canada by Joyce Dobirstein in memory of her late husband, John Dobirstein. It continues to be funded by generous donations from members. The purpose of this award is to recognize and encourage the versatility of the Toller and to discourage the split between the show dogs and the working dogs that is seen in other breeds.



  1. Show Championship
  2. Companion Dog (CD) or better
  3. A CKC field test Working Certificate (WC) or better, or a CKC hunt test Junior Hunter (JH) or better

Once the owner receives the title certificates from the official registry, copies are to be sent to the program coordinator who will arrange for the award plaque to be produced. To date, over 110 Tollers have received this coveted award.

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada congratulates all recipients of the Dobirstein Award and thanks all members who have made financial contribution towards its continuation.

Questions and submissions can be directed to the Dobirstein Award Coordinator:

Dawn O'Leary
6830 Fernbank Road, Stittsville, ON L2S 1B6
613-831-9961 doleary@


Dobirstein Award Recipients
1984 to 2017

CH Whitepoint's Celtic Zephyr CDX WC RE AGNS, Dawn Fougere
CH Wassookeag Kit Katt For Kare CD WC CGN RAE AGI AGIJ ADXJ AGXV, Wendy Coffen Rudolph

CH Tollwest's Puddle Of Joy CGN CDX WC RE SHDCh, Lisa Porter

CH Rowantide's Quack Addict CD WC, Dale Dee
CH Hawk's Nest Saranac Roll of the Dice CD WC, Joy Annuziatos

CH Kylador's Que Sera Sera CD WC,  Lillian Greensides
CH Redwyn Sets The World On Fire CDX WC RE AGI AGIJ AGXJ, Billie I McLean
CA UROI UCH CH Aqueus Oryxes Jibber the Kipper RN CKC/AKC CD JH WCI NSDTRC WC JJ-R, Linda Belleau

CH Kare’s Holly Berry CD RN WC JH, Pam and Derek Dunn
CH Kare 's Bryer CD WC, Pam and Derek Dunn
CH Katyra' s Critical Thinking CD WC RE AGI AGIJ,
CH Lochnay’s Madriver Fairytale CD WC CGN, Helene Mousseau
CH Gad’s Quintessential KD Treasure CD JH WC, Shelagh MacDonald
CH Kylador's Flying High Duncan CD WC, Elissa Steinbock
CH Kare's Keepsake Treasure Hunter CD JH WC, Pam and Derek Dunn
CH Ananado Copper Calamity CD JH WC, Tina Church
CH Kare's Tornado CD WC, Pam and Derek Dunn
GMH CH OTCH Redadict Road Runner WCX AGNJ AGN, Sue Kish
CH Foxgroves Just Whistling Dixie CDX SH WCX AGN, Sue Kish
CH Tiana's Spring Piano Man CD WCI JH RA, Shannon Viljasoo

CH Kylador’s Just Being Emma CD CGN RN WC AGN AGNJ, Sue Hill
CH Foxgrove’s Spitfire Trixie CD WCX, Diane Loiseau and Fred Bergeron
CH Caltansis 18th Century Darby CD WC CGN, Angela Borthwick
CH Kalmegess Notagucci CD WC, Dave Campbell
 CH Rainkist’s Fourth Element CGN RN JH WCX CD, Krista Wendland
CH Katrya's Winter Silas CD WCI, Kathy Adjoran
CH Saucydog's Second Wind CD JH WC, Deborah Lacerte and Sandra Millen
CH Javahill's Vermillion Lucky Lyra CD WC CGN, Penny Uber and Kathy Kobensky-Como
CH Redwyn's High Speed Retrieval CD WC, Billie McLean
CH Rowantide's Remember Me CD WCX, Liz Macpherson

CH Rainkist’s Fourth Element CGN CD RN WCX JH, Krista Wendland and Barbara Rohr 
CH Kalmegess Notagucci CD WCX, Dave and Meaghan Cambell 
CH Caltansis 18th Century Darby CD CGN WC, Angela Borthwick 
CH Katyra’s Winter Silas CD WCI, Kathy Adjoran 
CH Torlan's Jumpin' Jack Splash, RA, CD, WC, Gail Lockstead and Cheryl Tomayer
CH Tollwest’s Spice of Broadway CGN CD RE WC, Kristina Curren
CH OTCHX Tollwest Sand Storm RA WCI JH, Shelly Campbell & Mark Antonini 
CH Kirchoff’s Dancing Queen CD WCI JH, Dawn O’Leary and Judith Argue
CH Kare's Red Typhoon CD RA WC JH, Pam and Derek Dunn

Ch. Kare’s Pintail Drake CD WC JH, Derek and Pam Dunn
ATCHC FDGCH AGMCH CH Redwyn’s Pitlochry Picasso CD WC RN AGMX-3 AGMXJ-2 MX MXJ MXF Lifetime award of merit VGA VC AAD, Lesley & Trevor Pryce
ATCHC AGMCH Ch Wagoshs Dream Catcher AGMXJ-2 AGMX-2 CD WC CGN FM RN MX MXJ XF VC VBA, Lesley and Trevor Pryce

HIT Ch Littleriver’s Tynee Dancer PCD RE WC CDX, Am CDX RE, Carrie McAffer
HIT CH Brandywine Highlander Shaye, CDX WCX SH NSDTRC USA WCX, Donna Houlton
AM/CAN OTCH AM/CAN CH Westerlea’s Sir Edmund UDX3, MH, AM/CAN WCX, John & Marie Simonson
CH OTCH Tollwest Ride The Wave WC RE, Shelly Campbell
CH Watermark’s Celtic Pride JH CD WC RA CGN, Jannine Kowalchuk

Ch Jagador’s Rainkist Nomia WCI JH CD RA FDX SADC Am WC, Krista Wendland
AKC/CAN Ch Kilcreek’s Sir Winston CDX, MH, US/CAN WCX, CAN CD, John and Marie Simonson
ADCH HIT Can Ch Redwyn’s Noble Wyatt of Glamis Am/Can CDX, Can JH, Am WC MX MXJ.OF, USDAA GCH-Bronze SNCH-Bronze JCH-Bronze ATD-Bronze RCH-Bronze TM-Bronze SCH, NAFA FM, Sheri Kaiser
Ch Rideau’s Rebound To Kylador CD WC, Lillian Greensides
Ch Landsend Firebrand WC CD, Tina Anderson
Ch Torlan’s High Lonesome Sound CDX RN WC JH, Erin Pratt
Ch Dragonluck’s Jasper of Oaks CD WC, Dawn O’Leary and Judy Argue
Ch. Dalry El’s Bells CD JH WCX, Laura Norie
BISS Ch. Berdia’s Electra Ice Storm CD JH WCI AGI, Laura Norie
BPISS Ch. Onepenny’s One Fight at a Time CD WC RN-MCL, Shannon Viljasoo
HR CH Rowantide’s Quikkr Pikkr Uppr CD WCX JH, US WCX, Liz MacPherson
BPISS Ch. Yellowroses Ms Trouble at Kare CD WC, Pam and Derek Dunn
Ch Ducker’s Mischief Maker At Kare CD WC, Pam and Derek Dunn

Ch Dragonluck’s Magic ginger Spice CD WC, Dawn OLeary
Ch Landsend Joie De Vivre WC JH CD, Tina Anderson

Ch Kare’s Red Hurricane Chaser CD WC J, Derek and Pam Dunn
SR Ch Onepenny’s Gunsmok’n Ms Kitty WCI CD CGN, Nancy Johnsson
Ch Skylark’s Pistol Pete CD AKC OA NAJ US WC, Laurie Geyer

Ch Westerlea’s Betsy Sunshine WCX JH CD, Alison Strang
PIG Ch Foxgrove’s Mischief Maker JH CDX WCX, Fred Bergeron
Bpig Ch. Foxgrove’s Circle Of Life JH WCX CD, Diane Loiseau
Am Ch Javahill’s Pikk-a-dilly CD WCI, Linda Fitzmaurice
Ch Foxgrove’s Lady In Red SH WCX US WC, Sue Kish
SR Ch Kylador’s Epic Of Turkey Ridge CD WCX JH, Liz & Ray Cory
Ch Kare’s Destined To Be Mine CDX WC, Barbara Haskins
Ch Westerlea’s Ceilidh Mahone TD CD WC JH NSDTRC WC (USA), Maureen And Lyall Ashbaugh

Ch Kylador’s Countin’ On Quincy CD, Stephanie Dixon 
Ch Landew Vermilion Let’er Ride CD WC, Jamie Como 
Ch Rowantide’s Taylor Maid CD WC JH, Liz Macpherson
Ch Kare’s Ocean Tide CDX WC, Liz Macpherson
Ch Elvebred”s Highland Cabertoss WC JH CD, Jeannie Cameron
Ch Westerlea’s Kasomor Trio CD WC, Linda and Wayne Moran 
Ch Kylador’s Con Armachord Adagio CD WC, Norma-Jean Campbell 
Ch Anando’s Bellndon’s Maggie May CD JH WC, Joy Hill
AKC Ch Finovar Javahill TopGun CD WC, Linda Fitzmaurice

Ch Kares Landsend Kinninikinik CD,JH,FdCh, Tina Anderson
Ch Kishkahdina Tyra CDX WC, Kathy Adjoran
Ch Foxgroves Celtic Spirt CD WC, Shealgh Macdonald 
Ch Lennoxlove Skylark Cricket CD WC(USA), Laurie Geyer 
Ch Kylador’s Zinfandel Full Monty CD WC, Donna Holten 
Ch Chedabucto Queserasera of Kare CD WC, Pam and Derek Dunn
Can Ch Skylark Hunts Point’s Mindy US/Can WC CD, Jim Wills 
Can Ch Decoymans Hunts Point Abby WC AKC/NSDTRC/Can CD, Jim Wills 
Ch Driftwoods Coastal Clipper CD(USA) WCI(USA), Paul Milbury 
Ch Foxgrove’s Saucy Dancer CD JH WC, Sandra Millen 
Ch Elvebredd Chinook Of Caltansis CD WC, Steve and Simone Cody 
Ch Driftwoods Rose CD WC, Jane Folkman 
Ch Kare’s Jammer CD WC, Ed Keal 
Ch Cayuga,s Lashbrook P.C. CD WC, Lee Ann Gleason
Ch Kylador’s Bustin Thru Th’Reeds CGC ADC AGI JH WCI CD, Christine Comfort

SR Can/AM Ch. Landew’s Blue Kerner Can/HIT AM CD, Can/AM WC, JH, AGN, Tim and Mimi Roberts
AM/Can Ch Westerlea’s Wassookeag Bachi Am/Can CD, Am/Can WC, Sue Robichaud
Ch Kare’s Red Hunter CD WC, Pam and Derek Dunn
Ch Foxgrove’s Sea Spray MH WCX CD, US WCX, Sue Kish
Ch Landew’s Pinot Royale CD WC, Tim and Mimi Roberts 
Ch Lonetree’s Sagewood Keepsake CDX WC, Michael & Jody Petry

Ch Kylador’s Ikean Adventure, Juilet Guilmet
Ch Foxgroves Aero Nautical CD WCI, Mairon Bennett

Ch Elvebredd’s Brazy Dreamcatcher WC CD, Stephen & Simone Cody
Ch Berdia’s Mississippi Gambler WCI CD, Bernard Barber/Donna LaHaise
Ch Kare’s Shady Lady CD WC, Wendy & David Etter
Ch Kylador’s The River’s Edge CD, Lillian Greensides!Karen Wright
CH Foxgrove’s This Bud’s For You GMH WCX CDX, US WCX, Sue Kish
Ch Cobscook’s Vermilion Wager WC CD, Jamie Como/Katy Koebensky-Como
Ch Ruaview’s Tollbreton Bay Bye CD JH, Krista Wendland and Fred Boutilier
Ch Kare’s Banner CD WC, Derek Dunn

Ch Kare’s Ocean Spray CD WC, Derek Dunn
Ch Kare’s Magical Merlin CD WC, Derek & Pam Dunn
Ch Bernache’s Highland Rush CD WC, David & Jeannette Cameron
Ch Kylador’s Karma Kamelia CD WC, Lillian Greensides/Karen Wright
CH Foxgrove’s The Chase Is On SH WCX CDX, US WCI, Sue Kish
Ch Westerlea’s Surprise Package WCI ill CD CGC, Alison & Roy Strang
Ch Springvale’s Roy’ll Flush CD WC, Sue Dorscheid

Ch Tollbreton Honey for Westerlea WC CD, Donald Clogg
Ch Sagewood’s Silver Shadow CD WC, Susan Dorscheid
Ch Sehi’s Little Breton CD WC, Dennis & Geralyn Tobin
Ch Bernache Harbourmaster at Kare CD WC, Derek Dunn
Ch Kares Magic Moment CD WC, Derek & Pamela Dunn
Ch Cinnstar’s Northern Answer WCI JH CD, Lise Pomerov

CH Foxgrove’s On Your Mark JH WCX CD, US WCI, Susan Kish
Ch Fox grove’s Glengarry Rob CD WC, Ken Clogg/Susan Kish
Ch Fox grove’s Westerlea Sandpiper WC CD, Susan Kish
Ch Berdia Gypsy Rose CD WC, Jodye & Brian Francis

Ch Westerlea’s Dandy Jake WC CD, Nancy Johnsson
Ch Westerlea’s Shelbume Wilkie CDX CD, Sheila Fee
Ch Tollbreton Cape Island Dory CD WC, Jan Dixon
Ch Harbourlights Rip Tide CDX WC, Susan Dorscheid
Ch Tosser’s Gilly of Glenetive CD WC, Anne & Jim McIntyre

Ch Sagewood’ s Lonetree Auburn CD WC, Evelyn Williams/Patty Beran
Ch Berdia’s Tawney Nova CD WC, Bernie Barber

Ch Lone Tree’s Bamstormn Jake CD WC, Evelyn & Nelson Williams
CH Westerlea Elias’ Tidal Wave SH WCX CD FbDCH, US WCI, Susan Kish

Ch Sylvan’s Rusty Jones WC CDX, M Waterstraat/J. Hamilton

Ch Colony’s Lennox1ove VictoriaCD WC, M Waterstraat/J. Hamilton
Ch Bhalgair ofLennoxlove WC CD, M Waterstraat/J. Hamilton
Ch Rusty of Littleriver 2nd WC CD, Derek & Pamela Dunn
Ch Chakim-Ky’s Suntime Sparkle CD WC, Joyce Dobirstein
Ch Kishkadinas Max WCI CD, Richard & Judy Lutka

Ch Kares Mistress of Littleriver CD WC, Pamela Dunn
Ch Rosewood Air Marshall CD WC, Terrv McNamee

Ch Jennella’s Bras D’OR CDX WC, Christina Sipos 
Ch Westerlea’s Golden Glory CD WC, Joyce Dobirstein
Ch Sandycove At Westerlea CD WC, Alison Strang

Ch. Sundrumrner’s Valentine Luke WC CD, Joyce Dobirstein


February 18, 2017